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Yandere Simulator is a game played by Kubz Scouts.

Information Edit

Jay plays Yandere Simulator and still is. Currently, he makes Yandere Simulator Myths, a series where people ask him questions, give him challenges, or tell him myths that they have about the game, and he tries to answer them in a video.

The playlist can be found here

If you have any myths, challenges, or questions, comment it in one of his Yandere Simulator videos. 

Jokes Edit

Jay jokes a lot in his Yandere Simulator videos, creating running gags in the episodes.

  • "Now we're gonna get Midori GURINUUUUU" (CAN POLICE FIND MURDER PHOTOS?)
  • The teacher is "the Terminator," "Robocop," etc.
  • He calls Kokona "Big Tits McGee", "Kokoni", "Leader of the big titty committee." and "Kokoni Fried Chicken", when he's lighting her on fire.
  • Many girls in the school are part of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.
  • End this bitch's LIFU.
  • That ass tho.
  • He calls every male student a fuckboy.
  • "Now we close this doe(door) and TRANQ THIS HOE"
  • He calls Oka "Oka-Cola' when he puts her into the grinder.
  • "Bowl cut haired fuckboy" is what he calls Senpai at times
  • Every time he grinds a student, he comes up with a name for them.
  • Budo is a Martial Arts Fuckboy.
  • Students will "twirl like an idiot."
  • One more time for the homie, DJ Screw.
  • Run your candy ass to the third floor!