Robert Jay Perez', aged 27 years old (2017) commonly known as Jay from the Kubz Scouts, is the founder of the Kubz Scouts community. The name Kubz Scouts was, as Jay said in a video, the idea of Nini Hebron, his girlfriend. He is half Filipino and half American. He said that Kubz Scouts is not what he wants people to call him, but instead, he wants people to call him by his real name, because he said that he is a part of the Kubz Scouts community and he is not The Kubz Scouts. In one video, he said: "I'm really happy with the community we built.

Jay had also said in a video that Nini gave him the idea to keep his community named as the Kubz Scouts which is inspired by his dog, Kubz.

His channel is growing fast and he has over 1 million subscribers. He has played games like Persona, Yandere Simulator, Walking Dead, Life is Strange, Bully, Franbow, Southpark: Stick of Truth, Beyond Two Souls, The Wolf Among Us, The Last of Us, and more.

Yandere Dev (Alex), the developer of Yandere Simulator, has even recognized Jay and made a video mimicking his Yandere Simulator videos. Jay also nicknames himself THAT DUDE at the end of his videos.

He is one of the best youtubers to watch play the walking dead. The commentary is absolutely hilarious but recommended for users 13 and older.


YouTube: Kubz Scouts (his current account) and BACKUBZ ACCOUNT  (his backup account).

Instagram: thekubzscouts (Nini runs the account), JayKubzScouts (Jay's personal)

Twitter: JayDimalanta42

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