Brother wake up is a game that made Jay rage so hard he got a headache and smashed his keyboard.

SUMMARY: Brother Wake Up is an indie horror game created by Tokan that revolves around the player free-roaming around a dark spacious building complete with obstacles and inhumanly grunt-noise making Helpers of the Watchmaker. The goal of the player is to awaken his brother by repairing a clock destroyed by the Watchmaker who has acursed the player's brother, causing him to be in an endless state of dreaming. The parts to repair the clock are scattered all about the building; one must fix it without getting caught once by the Watchmaker's Helpers, lest they find themselves restarting the quest in otherwise. The player has 4 hours to find all of the parts. For every hour, the player must find new parts.

GAMEPLAY: The player begins in a small room where they can equip themselves with a flashlight before leaving. Upon equipping the flashlight, a distant clock somewhere within the building gives a single "bong" before the atmosphere goes silent again. The player has time to ready themselves before leaving the room, but once they have left the room, danger is everywhere. The game typically has no ambience aside from the unsettling grunting noises made by the Helpers. As the grunting crescendos, so does the danger of the player. If the player is caught, they must escape via running into a nearby room and immediately closing the door. The Helpers won't attempt to open them. However, if a player leaves any doors open, this invites them in to capture the player. Helpers do not roam within rooms, only the corridors and hallways of the building and large rooms. Small ones with doors are not inhabited unless a player is found in one. Small parts of what was once a clock will be scattered about whether they be in alcoves of a room, in drawers or closets, etc. These must be obtained to repair the clock and break the unending dream curse on the player's brother. Parts of the clock will not be found in the same areas after every capture, they are repositioned about the building at random.

HELPERS: Helpers are henchmen of the Watchmaker, ordered to capture the player to prevent them from fixing the clock. They walk averagely, not slow nor quickly. They are of average height, one might even consider them short. They walk around with their backs hunched up carrying lanterns that illuminate small areas with light. Their skin color appears to be Caucasian, they have strictly round faces and they wear wide glascow grins exposing a thick row of what appears to be white teeth. Their eyes are large black beads with a small dot in the lower portion of them. They all wear black hats with a gray ribbon and the same outfit: a brown shirt, a black gothic style coat with tails, and khaki shorts. Their legs are thin and brown, with small stubs at the end branching out as feet. They also have long nails at the ends of their fingers.

THE WATCHMAKER: The Watchmaker is not seen throughout the game, little is known about him/her/it.

THE BROTHER: Unknown. Have yet to see a completed playthrough of the